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Festival FAQ

Postby Skyana » June 6th, 2013, 2:51 am

What is the Festival of Unity?

The Festival of Unity is a player created and player hosted series of roleplay social events and contests for player's to immerse themselves within. These festivities can be experienced at multiple locations within the Antonica 1 zone of the Antonia Bayle Server. SoE community relations often supports the endeavor by setting up daily festival sites not seen other times of the year.

It's a spectacle to behold.

The theme each year is Unity Life, Love and Friendship. Players gather their characters to host booths or contests. Or to participate as those who would browse the booths, socialize or take the bull by the horns and enter a contest for the honor of their guilds. Our best roleplayers refrain from assuming knowledge of the people we see that our characters might not know. Only through such things as guild cloak heraldry might someone know your guild affiliation. Character Class isn't always obvious. And racial illusions or disguise are usually honored.

Most of the contests occur within the game zone itself in one of four possible locations. Casual conversation occurs locally through /say. But custom event channels are created to sort out the overlapping conversations/walls of text experienced with so many characters chatting in one place. The primary channel to maintain is:

/join Festival for general announcements and directions to event sites throughout the week.

Who can participate in the Festival of Unity?

The planner's encourage anyone who would portray - through roleplay - a Norrathian character of good to neutral persuasion. This is a wonderful opportunity for players who have little or no experience with roleplay to develop a character persona. Experienced roleplayers are always hopeful for that new hook which leads their character toward an unexpected path. Your character may be the one who provides that new story hook.

Can my rosy-cheeked, Halfling High Priest of Anashti Sul bring his Zombie minions to the Festival of Unity?
Your rosy-cheeked, halfling high priest is welcome to come permitted efforts are made to not reveal the true nature of said characters. Be that through use of illusions or omission of fact. There is nothing discreet or subtle about your Zombie pet. Leave it at home. It's safe to assume that there is a fair amount of security at an event like this, and certain behaviors would be frowned upon by the authorities that be. We just want to enjoy the good-natured roleplay atmosphere of the festivities, and while it's tempting to take advantage of having so many roleplayers together, we ask that dark and nefarious plots be kept at bay, or at least kept out of the public eye. Conflict isn't appreciated, and we ask that intent of the planners be respected. Not to worry, those who despise the ways of Qeynos and Kelethin will get their moment to shine at the Festival of Discord. Keep your eyes open for it!

Is it okay if my character drops dead during a Festival of Unity event?

Unplanned or random roleplay events occur around Norrath all the time on Antonia Bayle server. And yes. Be they good or evil sometimes someone mutually plots the serious demise of their own character. That said, the planners for Festival of Unity don't set out to police other player's roleplay style. But we expect both new and veteran participants of the festival to acknowledge the efforts of event hosts and not disrupt those efforts. We would rather the core excitement of the Festival be the Festival itself. We really don't want a contest participant to randomly drop dead during, for example, the Dessert Making Competition. Would it be funny to some people? Probably. But not consistent with the theme of Life, Love and Friendship.

I don't roleplay. Is there anything there for me?
Antonia Bayle server doesn't offer a specific roleplay rule set for its players. It isn't always obvious who the roleplay community is or what we have to offer toward the growth of our server. Through events like these that influence becomes more clear. As the planners are not empowered as Community Guides, we offer no quests in the traditional sense of the game. Our contests don't offer players experience or alternate advancement toward the growth of your EQ2 character. We do, however, offer a spirited good time in effort to compliment toward the setting of Norrath the Development team works so hard to maintain for all of us.

Spectators are welcome. Although we hope you will honor the intent of the planners by not /shouting at us through the zone. Or crashing the contests that you have no use for otherwise. The planners prefer to handle griefing directly. /report is a tool of last resort for us but we will use it if pressed.

I'm not in Antonica 1 for your festival. What's up with the spam in other zones?

Throughout the week, volunteer Heralds for the festival will visit all the zones of Norrath to announce the days events within the /ooc channel. Expect such heralding every 90 minutes to 2 hours apart. If our heralding disturbs your gaming progress, simply use the /ignore [character name] command and those players announcements will no longer be viewed by you.

All I see are players gathered around a contest site and no one is doing or saying anything. What's up with that? I thought you folks were, you know, roleplayers?

Efforts are made to encourage a visual display of our contests. After all, EQ2 is a video game. Hence the elaborate festival grounds provided us. In some cases, contest rules and details are offered to participants through the custom channel for that specific event. Once the player's know the plan, they move to carrying out their actions more openly. Through, for example, an actual round of jousting. Or the tasting of food during a cooking contest. Or emoting actions for non-PvP dueling matches.

Though it isn't unheard of for a contest to occur exclusively within the custom channel as a matter of being practical.

Empty your bags if you want fun goodies!

From opening ceremony through the closing ceremony, generous support from SOE has been known to appear at random. Be they from Community Relations or the Devs themselves. Don't be surprised when your bag suddenly has some nice, level 100 food or drink. Or some other unique item not seen other times of the year.

OMG, the LAG here is terrible! How can anyone enjoy this so-called event?

We are glad you pointed that out. Here are some quick and easy ways to prevent your Festival of Unity experience turning into a slideshow, and to make things easier on everyone else around you as well. Remember, you may have that uber awesome $5000 machine that can rip through Qeynos Harbor at 80 FPS, but most other players don't. This will be especially evident during the Opening Ceremony. So please, be courteous and:

•Dismiss or hide all pets of every kind. For every pet cat, Illusionist Personae or Lover's Gazebo there is a player whose video crashed and they can't enjoy the party as well as others.

•We understand that there are many wonderful mounts people like to show off. We ask that you be thoughtful when showcasing your own, be mindful it might be blocking other players.

•Cancel fancy particle effects on your character - especially you, Bards! This is especially true of roleplayers for whom the particle effect may be a part of the character personality.

•When firing off fireworks, please use the 5 Year Veteran Reward fireworks if you have them - these are much less lagtastic than the in-your-face fireworks from previous years.

Here are some easy Options changes most of us might find helpful to make to specific settings to help your FPS out during the Festival. We recommend adjusting these individually, instead of using the pre-set performance profiles (Performance, Quality, etc.) as these often leave certain options set to less than ideal levels:

•Display > Performance > Complex Shader Distance - turn all the way down

•Display > Lighting > Max Torch Intensity - turn all the way down

•Display > Lighting > Max Bumpy Point Distance - turn all the way down

•Display > Shadows > Shadow Type - None

•Display > Model Detail - adjust 1st, 3rd, and 4th sliders as seems best

•Display > Flora - uncheck flora

The planners look forward to seeing you at the Festival of Unity!
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Re: Festival FAQ

Postby Slipps » June 30th, 2016, 8:48 pm

What is a planner? Many people show up at meetings to toss ideas about, but do not really do more than that. To earn a cloak a planner needs to also run an event/venue, or do some other necessary work for the Festival.

What does that entail? Running an event means that the planner will advertise their event, now the rules for that event, group up the players and explain those rules, run the event and keep it reasonably within the time limit, and they will be handling the prizes for that event. A venue planner will coordinate the RP for serving at that venue, and advertising it.

How many cloaks can I have? Each planner gets one, as they are the same each year, they will not get another. However if a planner plays a game, and wins, then they can acquire another cloak. If a planner runs an event on one alt, and another event on another alt, then yes, each alt gets a cloak, but I need to know ahead of time to ensure there are enough cloaks.

So planners can play the games? Yes, they may.

Can I sell my cloak? Yes, you may if it is unattuned, but they mean more if they were actually earned.

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